Sensitization workshop with more than 700 MCD School Principals at the auditorium of MCD Civic Centre, New Delhi.

A sensitization workshop to create Lung Care Awareness among the 800 principals of MCD schools about their role as educators and shaper of the future through the children.

Lung Care Foundation was invited by Ms. Mamta Nagpal, Councillor, MCD Rohini Zone and Chairperson, Standing Committee on Education, for conducting a sensitization workshop for Principals of 800 MCD schools on 21st of November 2016 at the auditorium of MCD Civic Centre, New Delhi.

  • Objectives of the workshop:

    • Introduce Lung Care Foundation.
    • Sensitize the principals about issues affecting Lung Health in the country.
    • Create awareness among the principals about their role as educators and shaper of the future through the children.
    • Help Principals to develop an individual plan of action with the aim to have “Healthy Happy Lungs for all”.

Session Details:

The session by the address of Dr. Arvind Kumar by introducing the theme of the workshop. He shared the current status of the air pollution in our city and our country. He also emphasized that children have a huge potential for bringing about a change and the role of the principals and educators in motivating these students for change.

Mr. Rajiv Khurana also the Trustee of Lung Care Foundation left the audience spell bound with his hard hitting facts on current issues causing an increase in the cases of lung diseases. He emphasized that we put much of our effort in planning our meals but little effort goes into planning about the quality of air which we breathe about 25,000 times a day. He also placed the responsibility on the teachers as custodians of the lungs of the children who come to their schools. Mr. Khurana pointed out that the children today are falling ill more frequently because of the lung related issues and we have to find a way to combat this. He used the acronym of MCD to coin the term “My Commitment to Delhi” and invited the participating principals to charter an action plan for safe lungs during the session.

He further added that the time has come to take action oriented steps: “wake up, shake up and make up” – Wake up to situation, shake up for a solution and make up your mind to spread the word. He also introduced ‘Every Citizen’s Action Agenda’ to the group which is as follows –

  • Say NO to Smoking.
  • Say NO to Garbage/Trash/Crop Burning.
  • Reduce Dust Pollution and Vehicular Use.
  • Reduce Coal and Diesel Consumption.
  • Maintain Healthy Lifestyle.

Mr. Khurana emphasized that it is our duty to take care of the lungs that are gifted by god. He stated the motto of Lung Care Foundation – ‘Happy Healthy Lungs’ and the focus of LCF being prevention of lung diseases for each individual of our country. He then built the tempo of the audience by conducting the balloon activity. The participants were asked to blow the balloons till its full capacity. As the balloons reached their full capacity they began to burst. The sound of the bursting balloons created a rhythm of bursting fire crackers. Thus, Mr. Khurana introduced a new form of Diwali celebration to the audience – a smoke free Diwali. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Mr. Khurana ended his session with an invitation to support and join as friends, volunteers and advocates of Lung Care Foundation.

This was followed by a concluding session by Dr. Arvind Kumar where he addressed the questions from the participants. The session ended with Mr. Khurana inviting the Principals to think about some action points to implement by self and through the children in their school. The participants came up with some interesting and practical points motivating themselves and others to be the advocates of ‘Healthy Happy Lungs’.