Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan



On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, i.e. 2nd Oct 2014 our Honorable Prime Minister Narender Modiji had started a campaign. It is India’s biggest cleanliness drive since its independence, where more than 3 Million Government employees, school and college students and staff participated. Plans of  Government also include to achieve defecation free- India by 2nd October 2019, the 150th Anniversary Of Mahatma Gandhi by Constructing toilets even in the remotest of areas.

I hereby proudly announce that we were able to make thousands of people aware of all this planning and to get the support of not only children but youth as well as senior citizens.


Today I can proudly inform, that in my ward everyone had participated in this drive. Everyone from 8 to 80 years had participated with me enthusiastically.

In spite of lack of funds and facilities which should be provided by the Delhi Government, our ward staff had worked with their utmost energy. Workers were asked to clean all the public toilets twice a day and submit the reports.

I have taken many steps to secure people of my ward against diseases caused by Mosquitoes, by regularly having rounds to check breeding in drains, parks, holes etc. Fogging and spraying Systems were regularly used and personally checked by me. I had also distributed Free Mosquito- resistant Nets to almost one thousand people in my Ward.

Under ‘Swatchh Bharat Abhiyan’  I had made a special plan to carry out this drive to clean all the lanes, parks and drains with the help and support of R.W.A. We had kept a regular check on these activities by preparing and executing a strict timetable. Everybody, including our staff and supporters, worked extra enthusiastically, performing our duties with our Heart And Soul.