Kudiyan Di Lohri


On Sunday 21st January 2018 | 11-A , Ashoka Road | 251 New Born Girls Felicitated |25 Honorable Ladies distributed Gifts

NGO बेहतर celebrated its annual event of Kudiyan Di Lohri (KDL) on Sunday, 21 January 2018.
The venue for the great event was 11-A,  Ashoka Road, New Delhi.
To celebrate the Lohri for the newly born girl children we had invited 251 Girl children along with their Parents and Grandparents.
The event started at 5 PM with High- tea followed by a cultural event for half an hour,  where the professionals performed ‘Bhangra’, ‘Gidda’ and songs marking the festivity and joy in the air. At 6 o’clock we felicitated from the hands of Our Hon’ble Chief Guest Sh Shyam Jaju ji , the 25 Grand ladies, who were invited from all over Delhi. These were the ladies who had made a good name in their respective fields ranging from education, administration, entrepreneurship, yoga,  fashion designing, etc.
This part of the event was specially designed to showcase the successful ladies in various fields and to tell parents and grandparents that today ladies are in no way less than their counterparts in any field of life. At 6.30pm,  the sacred fire of Lohri was lighted by the Chief Guest Shri Shyam jaju Ji and Member of Parliament  Minakshi Lekhi along with Sardar MPS Chadha and all members of team बेहतर Subsequently these 25 Honourable ladies were requested to stand on 25 different counters specially made to distribute gifts of Lohri to 251 families. The distribution of gifts was done smoothly within 10 minutes where special care was taken to make our special guests – the newborn girls comfortable.  By 7 pm, the programme culminated with Marie making by the young children who were volunteers in the function.

2017 Shalimar Bagh

In 2017 KDl was celebrated at Shalimar Bagh on Everbake were 251 new Born Girls were facilitated with Gifts

2018 Delhi Level

On 2018 KDl was celebrated at Delhi Level At 11 Ashoka Road At Shyam Jaju Ji Residence where 251 Girls were facilitated

2019 All India Level

On 2019 KDL would be Celebrated at All India level at

Red Fort

with 1100 new born girls