5 Badminton Courts in different Blocks of Shalimar Bagh

 After trifurcation of MCD in 2012, the councillors of North and East MCD were always short of funds to get anything done in their area. They were always running from pillar to post to get things done in the area or to get basic amenities sanctioned for their Wards. And things became worse after 2013 with a change of governance in Delhi. Firstly it was suspended state and then from 2015, a new party took control. The funds which were otherwise regularly given to MCD annually were reduced to almost nil. Hence no new development work could take place.

In these odd situations to a new idea was discovered by Mrs Mamta Nagpal. With a minimum expenditure, she motivated the horticulture department to build Badminton Courts with Mud floors only in various parks in the Ward. Only basic facilities were provided and the help of local residents was the sort to work this out.

With her initiatives and innovative idea, five Badminton Courts in five different Blocks of Shalimar Bagh were inaugurated at the same moment.Obviously, this became the talk of the town and everybody appreciated her idea of best utilization of the available resources. The idea to bring children out of their homes to play in the clean and green environment was also appreciated by all.It is one more step forward to inculcate the values of sportsmanship and leadership in children.The whole-hearted support extended to her by the residents show her popularity and appreciation she received from people of the area