Skating Rink in children park of Shalimar Bagh

Providing basic facilities to people is the prime objective of MCD and to make things happen smoothly in this direction is the prime responsibility of all the public representatives. After becoming the Municipal Councillor of ward 56, Shalimar Bagh South, Mrs Mamta Nagpal spent first few days inspecting the basic structure of the ward.
She was concerned about the health of the people. So renovation of parks and providing best amenities were her major areas of concern. With this vision, she got a skating rink made in children Park in BK Block of Shalimar Bagh.

This rink is one of its kind in a park in the whole assembly seat and is being used by hundreds of children of the area, and has received a lot of appreciation from all.

It’s a blessing for all those parents and grandparents who cannot take their kids to far away places for practising on skates. This is a favourite visiting place by children, especially during evening times and holidays.