As Mrs Mamta Nagpal is an educationist and has always given importance to studies throughout her teaching career. She has tried to make studying an interesting thing for her students. She has always believed that desire to learn should come from within the students. For this, it is very important that study material should be of that type. Also, the environment in which a pupil is sitting affects a lot in the learning process.

Nowadays in modern times gadgets, multimedia etc. have encroached upon our time. Children are busy watching a movie, serials, programs or playing games chatting etc on their phones. The reason is that unlimited content and information is available which preys on the useful time and energy of the students, As a result, they are not spending enough time with their books.

An idea was floated by the NGO Behatar that an environment should be made available to the students where they should spend more time with the study material and it should be away from all the hustle bustle of life. Hence a ‘Room for reading’ was made available to students with sufficient facilities for them to study uninterrupted. It is the library situated in the basement of  AL-109 (basement), Shalimar Bagh where students can sit from 8 AM till 10 o’clock at night and devote their time to their studies. This library has many salient features like the place is quiet, away from hotch potch of life. Basic facilities like light, air-conditioning, drinking water, furniture etc. are available. It’s a space as comfortable and safe at home because of CCTV cameras and office staff keeping vigil all the time. Students get motivated to sit and study for a longer time by seeing others doing the same. Students who are having bigger families or not enough space at home, for themselves to study, for them such library is a boon.