Unique Achievements / Works of the Ward

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Keeping the needs of people in mind and moving ahead with modern times are the basic areas on which Mrs Mamta Nagpal has been focusing. Working to bring something better for the people has led to the idea of making swimming pool in the area. Even in the difficult times of MCD when there was a scarcity of funds, she had managed to get this project completed and started working in her ward.The project was not only completed in time but was immediately handed over to the concerned authorities for the usage by the people of the area.
Swimming pool built by MCD and being run at meagre cost fees for the people is like a dream come true for all. For this reason, people of the area have always appreciated the efforts of Mrs Nagpal as a public representative of theirs.

Having been an educationist, it is one of the topics that always remains in the mind of Mrs Mamta Nagpal. Immediately after becoming councillor in April 2012, she wanted to be familiar with all the MCD schools of the area. One such pending work was the building of AB Block, MCD School in Shalimar Bagh. So her first priority was the completion of this school building.

The first major inauguration of her ward was the school building of AB Block which was built with two floors and a big assembly hall. Equipped with all the facilities, this building was inaugurated by Shri Vijender Gupta the then President of Delhi BJP.

The program was attended by all the prominent social and political people of the area along with officers of MCD and staff and children of the school.

To bring something better and newer was always in the mind of Mrs Mamta Nagpal. She had worked with the Motto to give her best to the people she wanted to serve.

Maintenance of so many parks in her ward always was a big challenge. This work and security of people have always in preference in her mind that is why she had thought of fancy lights in the sparks. More so the type of fancy lights which have been installed in the Community Hall, Singalpur has been a point of talk and attraction for many.This thoughtfulness and working style of hers has earned her lot of appreciation by the people of the area.

Building new structures as per requirement of the people in an area is very essential, In addition, it is also necessary to maintain or renovate the old or deteriorating structures. Two such huts or umbrellas in parks of BC East and  AK Blocks were renovated with the funds from councillor’s budget.

Mrs Mamta Nagpal has been sensitive to the needs of people in this area. Understanding the importance of maintaining the structure, she took the steps of renovating the old structures in such a way that they were in all the ways comparable to the newer ones made in the nearby areas. Care was taken to renovate them with all the modern type of styles by using good quality marbles and stones. Such efforts by her as area councillor has won her many appreciations.

Parks and gardens are the lifelines of any area. People of Shalimar Bagh are fortunate to have about 150 parks in the area, which are visited by thousands of people daily. Hence they are the place of recreation and enjoyment for them.
During rains or very high temperatures, a shed-like structure commonly called ‘Umbrella’ or ‘Hut’ are constructed in big parks to give shade to people in need. Two such new Umbrellas or Huts were constructed in AC Block and AG Block parks from the councillor’s fund. These were built as per the requirement of the people of that area. Eventually, these huts have become the meeting point and routine places for get-togethers for hundreds of people. They gather there for the day to day discussions, prayers and even celebrating festivals etc.
In this way, Mrs Nagpal has also received blessings from hundreds of people.

Planning something new and good for the people has led Mrs Mamta Nagpal as a councillor to explore new ideas. One such idea is that of a Herbal Garden. To make things better and interesting for all this idea was executed in MCD School in AG Block of Shalimar Bagh. In this way, many students, teachers, senior citizens and few residents were made responsible for this project. This also helped in increasing the interest of people living in nearby areas to participate  in school activities too

With growing population and pollution it is necessary to have and maintain green bodies in the vicinity. Shalimar Bagh is one such Word which can boast about Best parks in North MCD.  Mrs Mamta Nagpal took great care to maintain the situation. She personally visited these parks with people of that area and always took a keen interest in the maintenance of these parks.

Though regular work is carried out in all the parks, special efforts were made to renovate at least one big park in each block. Though some of them were in bad shape sincere efforts yielded sweet fruits.At least one park in the following blocks was developed and people also felt happy and satisfied with them. These are AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG, AJ AK,AL, AM, AN, BB East, BC East, BK, BL, BM East, BN-East, BM West, BN West, BP, BQ, BR, BS, BT, BW, Police Colony and Singalpur. Everybody saw the results of the efforts made by her in this field, special walkways hedges, flowering plants, RCC benches and dustbins were provided in all the big Parks of this Ward.