Children Welfare

As a teacher of  Bio for 22 years In  DAV  School, Mrs Mamta Nagpal has a special bond with children. Today God has given her an opportunity to do some good for children.

As a teacher she had considered each student as her own child and similarly now also, before taking any decision, she places herself as a mother of that child. With your blessings today she has to serve more than 3 Lakh Students and 8 thousand teachers from MCD schools.

As Member, Education Committee, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, she has considered this as her responsibility to improve the education system and bring happiness to all the concerned people in this field.

The sky is the limit if one cares to work for others. What one ‘gets’ is not as important as what one ‘ does’ with what one ‘ gets’. Her biggest publicity is her Work itself, and she does not believe in advertising it.